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  • Service Reboot

  • The Sacrificed

  • Can't Bow Down Anymore

Service Reboot

The New Science of Selling, Marketing, and Managing Services

Service Reboot is not a book. It’s a thought revolution. Presented here are entirely new, scientifically designed, research-based strategies that today’s businesses must adopt to compete in a world forced to transform to a service/information economy.

A brand new theory has emerged for business, Unified Services Theory (UST), derived by researchers working in verticals as diverse as Hospitality and Healthcare. David Selch tested UST across dozens of industries, proving revenues dramatically increase when salespeople and marketers reshape their perceptions, and make decisions by a Service versus Product value model.


David Selch provides the latest approaches needed to redefine your conversation with clients and customers, and create consistent, predictable sales results.  Selch delivers startling insights into how services must be presented, mapping your transformation from the inside out.  Advertising to drive sales, not awareness. More powerful sales interactions at every point in your pipeline. New metrics informing better decisions. Hiring salespeople for longevity and effectiveness.


With over 25 years’ experience selling services and training teams for international business giants, and an MBA from the University of Leicester, UK, Selch has synthesized theories from the Business schools at Yale, University of Stockholm, and Brigham Young into practical and critical new steps for selling and marketing services.


Wherever you are in your career – Junior Sales Associate or Chief Marketing Officer – Buy this book now to begin radically improving sales.

David Selch

David Selch is an expert in the sales and marketing of Services and complex Service-Product hybrids, and has personally closed contracts at the head offices of 30 companies in the Fortune 100.


He’s led teams representing a diverse variety of services that includes research design, software development, education, healthcare, financing, insurance, fitness, and engineering. Thousands of professionals have benefited from his sales training.

Mr. Selch holds an MBA from the University of Leicester in the U.K. and a BSc in Molecular Biology. He takes a scientific approach to marketing, and feels all business decisions should be evidence-based.  As he puts it, “We’ve all got budgets to beat. I don’t care how you’ve always done it. Let’s figure out what always works.”


Selch has been recognized for bringing a sense of humor to serious writing; the CBC broadcast Before Free Swim, his comedy about the recurrence of bigotry. As one reviewer put it, “I like the quality of Mr. Selch’s voice: wry, insightful, often humorous – but highly effective.” His business students at University of Winnipeg give him high marks for making dry and difficult concepts “fascinating and funny”.


David explains he resides with his wife Debbie in Winnipeg Manitoba, the coldest and windiest city on earth, (550 miles further north than Chicago). They’ve dragged their kids across the continent to see the northern lights, a total solar eclipse, meteor showers, a transit of Venus, and Pluto, Mickey’s friend.


Follow David Selch on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidselch

Can't Bow

Down Anymore

By Rav Charni

Every religion prescribes movement to accompany prayer.


Muslims touch their foreheads to the ground. Pews in Catholic churches have special padding called “kneelers”. The main prayer at the core of every Jewish service is called The Amida, literally, “The Standing Prayer”.

We stand up, we bow down, we raise our palms to heaven. We light candles, we slide beads, we spin the prayer wheels. 

With an aging population, houses of worship find themselves filled with people who “can’t do that anymore.” This book explores how religious leaders must adapt their practices if their services are to remain relevant.


Rabbi Charni Rudnick was a congregational Rabbi for 10 years, and then a community Rabbi for five more, visiting personal care homes where she provided spiritual guidance for people with walkers, with wheelchairs, and who could not lift their heads from their pillows. She became a specialist in adapting ritual so that all could participate.

Throughout her career, "Rav Charni" worked to create the most inclusive environments possible so that all would feel welcome – sitting cross-legged on the floor with the kids, leading Israeli dance, carrying The Torah.


Little by little, the inoperable tumor on her spine took away her ability to do all these things. She took her lessons online so she could continue her work from her couch. Rav Charni passed away in 2018.

This book is for leadership and congregants of all faiths.

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The Sacrificed

By Shlomo X

Shlomo X (not his real name) was an Israeli paratrooper, decorated for bravery in combat, who spent seven years after his army service with a team of agents who traveled the world killing terrorists. Shlomo never pulled the trigger – or injected the poison, or triggered the bomb, or pushed the killer from a rooftop. He was the logistics man, choosing the place, the weapon, the escape route, and the triggerman.

If you like spy and adventure novels, you know that most authors thank all the military people who advised them - that's because they’re fiction writers who have never killed anybody. Here’s the first novel from an author with fresh blood on his hands. The blood of his targets, and the blood of his friends from when things went wrong.


Real spy craft in the 21st century is very different than what Le Carre’s experienced in the 1950s. Every aspect of this book surprised us. The extreme low tech. The extreme high tech. The extreme physical and mental abilities of the agents in the field. The extreme boredom. And the extreme excitement of knowing you are dying for something you believe in.

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